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Embossing / Debossing

Embossing / Debossing

Embossed business cards involves raising areas of a card surface above the level of the rest. The diagram below shows a coat of arms that has been embossed on bizcard. The images stands out from the card as it has been produced by a stamp which presses the business card to the correct shape. whatever you want embossed business cards, check aladdinprint guide line below.


Aladdin Print Canada - Embossing Sample 01
Aladdin Print Canada - Embossing Sample 02
Aladdin Print Canada - Embossing Sample 03

Debossed business cards

Debossing pushes the image down into the surface of the paper.
You can get visual shadow lines and feel it.
Debossing creates an indented impression.

Extra Nouveau paper is the best stock for debossing finishing.
Blind debossing is better than colored debossing.
You are requested to prepare artwork to make metal dies.

We will provide you various style of Debossed & Embossed business cards online. you can use creative business cards templates at home for free. what kinds of cards do you want? Invitions, letterpress,letterpress foil, order letter press, custom designed, high quality, blind embossing, design embossing extra thick embossed >>you can get these cards printing Just visit and choose one.

Cost for embossing and debossing

  200 500 1,000 2,000 3,000 5,000
Business Cards $20 $28 $33 $66 $90 $150

* Available Products : Business Cards / Folding Cards / Postcards
* If you need price for special foil stamp area size, please contact us.

Embossed/Debossed business cards service info

Embossing and debossing are accomplished by applying pressure on desired spots to create 3D raised effects or indented impressions. Applying these effects on logos, titles or other parts of your business card can make it stand out and look elegant. Aladdin Print offers one-stop solutions for printing both embossed business cards and debossed business cards. There are a lot of free business cards templates you can use, and you have various options like blind embossing/debossing, colored embossing/debossing, extra thick embossing/debossing, and so on.

Aladdin Print has been establishing an excellent reputation as the frontier of online multi-item order and small quantity printing in South Korea, and we are now providing a global service with 3 local branches (in Canada, USA, and Korea) and websites of international, Korean, Japanese, and Philippines. In order to ensure the best quality printing service, we always try to keep the most up to date equipment such as high tech computers, pre-press equipment and printing presses. By doing so, we have become one of the most reliable business cards and postcards printer in the world.


Aladdin Print Embossing Art Requirement 01


One has to be the final design.

Aladdin Print Embossing Art Requirement Arrow
Aladdin Print Embossing Art Requirement 02


The second one has to be the areas where will be embossed or debossed. The spot to be embossed or debossed should be black and the other space should be all white. For this one, it still needs to have the box lines.

To ensure that your embossing or debossing is ordered properly, please follow the steps below.
Your file should include two different forms: your final design and the areas to be embossed or debossed.


The embossed or debossed areas may not be turned out 100% perfectly on the right spot you want. If you want both of embossing and debossing for one business card, you need to make #2 form for each.

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